Compensation & Benefits Analysis


Benefits Analysis

Many Holistic clients are looking for a better understanding of how they approach employee benefits, including: ensuring that the benefits spending is appropriate; looking for areas of cost-savings; evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the benefits you offer; and most importantly, understanding how your benefits portfolio supports or affects your employees.

The Benefits Analysis includes:

  • Benchmarking

  • Ongoing measurement

  • Strategy for improving benefits profile

Compensation / Pay Equity Analysis

Compensation is really the key factor in the employer-employee experience, and it is a big area of focus for every company, every size, every industry, everywhere. Similar to the benefits analysis, Holistic’s proprietary Compensation Analysis provides actionable benchmarking data

  • Against others - How does your compensation stack up against competitors? How do you answer questions from employees about the competitiveness of your compensation structure? How do you set salary ranges, bonus percentages, and other metrics that help guide your decision-making?

  • Against yourself - Are you paying your employees fairly within the organization? Does your organization have pay equity, especially across race and gender?

  • Against the future - How are you planning your compensation structure for the challenges your business will face? How are you thinking about compensation to put your best foot forward in the talent acquisition process?