The Holistic Index

Holistic helps companies build diverse, inclusive, vibrant workforces by using data and analysis to attract, retain, inspire, and motivate top talent. We use that data to tell your company’s story. Our Data drives our content - we build the roadmap for our clients to communicate with current and prospective employees.

Holistic uses data and proprietary people analytics tools to measure employee engagement. We identify key areas of concern for companies and develop a roadmap to improve upon them. Holistic engages with companies in a variety of ways. Our comprehensive offering for clients is our Full Holistic Analysis.



Full Holistic Analysis

The full Holistic Analysis, which takes about two months, includes all of the core elements of the Holistic process, and generates a Holistic Index Score for your company.

The elements included in the Full Holistic Analysis are:

Employee Engagement Analysis — includes:

  • Company DNA Mapping

  • Holistic Employee Engagement Survey

  • Leadership Survey

  • Alumni Survey

  • Entrance/Exit Analysis

Benefits Analysis

Comp/Pay Equity Analysis

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Analysis


Generating your Holistic Index score is one of the first steps of our process.    Get started today

Generating your Holistic Index score is one of the first steps of our process.

Get started today

The Full Holistic Analysis also includes two reports - one for your executive leadership team, and one for your employees.

The full reports will contain a Holistic Index Score, sub-scores for the categories we measure, and recommendations for areas of improvement.

We’ll also provide two pieces of content, generated by the data and informed by our findings. These serve as valuable communication for current employees and assist you in driving and controlling your own employment brand.

We encourage clients to undergo the Full Holistic Analysis on a semi-annual basis. Trends in data will highlight progress that has been made as well as identify problem areas before small issues become large ones, or previously addressed concerned rear their heads again. The following products are included in the Full Holistic Analysis. Clients can also engage with Holistic on a per product basis.