Holistic As A Modern Media Company, Part One: TELLING YOUR EMPLOYER BRAND STORY

As much as Holistic is a data company, Holistic is also a modern media company, using a data-driven, research-based, proactive approach to help your company modernize, augment, improve and relate its employer brand story.

We do so by taking a multi-faceted approach, in conjunction with you, and underpinned by the data that we are collecting and analyzing throughout the Holistic process. For the first time, you will be able to proactively communicate about the realities of your workplace -- an honest assessment of what is already great, and what you are improving.

The results are two-fold: Your company will be more attractive to potential employees, and your existing employees will be more engaged, productive, happy and present.

Our communication strategy is four-pronged:


First and foremost, we tell the story of progress. No workplace is perfect -- we know that, and so do the employees that you have now and that you will seek to attract in the future. What we are able to do at Holistic is to measure and explain progress. We’ll work with your team to tell stories about specific things that we’ve done to improve the employee experience at your company, to highlight improvements in diversity, inclusion, equity and fairness, and to generally give you a voice as you meet the world.

Policies, Procedures and Products

We focus heavily on specific policies, procedures, and products that your company is leveraging to improve the employee experience. Creative benefits; workplace engagement programs; training experiences; protection policies -- all of these are investments that your company is making and they should be recognized, and their impact should be quantified and explained. As Holistic works with you to tactically improve areas of concern within your business, we’ll also focus on how we can communicate these elements, internally and externally, to underpin and augment our efforts. The result is a new conversation: initiated, led and dictated by your company.


At the end, all companies are made up of people. We will work with you to highlight the incredible people that make up your team -- present, past and future. By telling individual stories and helping to explain the way that modern employees are navigating work environments, we have an exciting inroad to this discussion. It is a tremendous act of inclusion to ask someone their story and to tell it publicly; these become strong materials for use by your company, but more importantly are creative and powerful engagement tools that attract and retain companies in a way that is not really possible otherwise.

Public Relations

Finally, we’ll work with your team to implement a proactive public relations strategy to share the results of our efforts and our communications activities with the world. We’ll leverage our tremendous experience in the communications space, our relationships and infrastructure, and our data to tell your story to the world. No longer will the conversation about your employer brand be a reactive conversation. Together, we’ll dictate the nature and tenor of the conversation and use it tactically and aggressively to attract, retain, and inspire people.

* * * *

We use every available tool and medium to achieve these goals -- social media, your website, our communications infrastructure, earned media, brand marketing, and more. The result is a full-throated communications effort, driven by data and deployed in real time, that will change the picture of your employer brand in a lasting and impactful fashion.