There is Power in Empowerment: Erin Rachel Doppelt's Unique Approach to Workplace Wellness

Erin Rachel Doppelt is an international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher and retreat leader. She facilitates innovative mindfulness workshops in the areas of meditation, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, conflict competency, nutrition, yoga, and spiritual, personal and professional development. The workshops help foster individual and corporate wellness, advancing team collaboration and decreasing illness, stress and anxiety. Erin developed the workshops based on her experience living and learning in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

At Holistic, as we’re looking to create a complete picture of what a healthy employee experience looks like, we have recognized that individual employees need space to be mindful, present, relaxed and focused at work. Erin’s life mission is to help people find this exact sort of focus.

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Holistic had the opportunity to find out more about Erin and how she welcomes diversity and inclusion in her practice.

“Diversity and inclusion means welcoming diverse voices into any conversation, “ Erin said. “Holding space for someone with a different background and perhaps thought pattern to you.”

Erin explained to us that this is why Soul Immersion focuses on all women and supporting their voices in this world.

Doppelt hopes to fosters diversity and inclusion by educating on the marriage between Eastern Wellness and Western psychology, in part by inviting diverse voices on the Wise Woman Podcast. Through understanding the bridges between all organized religions and offering conflict competency, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology workshops.

We asked Erin what challenges she faces when touching base on the matter of inclusion and diversity.

“A lack of funding to support conversations like this in the workspace,” Erin told Holistic, “[But] women coming together to speak about women-centered programming in the workspace, and women learning how to cycle sync and to show up to do what feels authentic and best for them [is an accomplishment].”

Erin said that “those who are passionate about their work, their word and their intentions at their job” inspire her to foster diversity and inclusion. “The desire is surrounded by people with diverse religions, foods and unique avenues to create or solve a problem,” she said.

Erin’s vision for the future of society living diverse and inclusive lifestyles includes programming that appeals to the natural rhythm of women, and supporting them to have active work and personal life balance. Workshops offered in the workspace speaking to the science of happiness, conflict mediation, and meditation.

“I would like other people to be inspired by change instead of fear it. “

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