Holistic As A Modern Media Company - Part Two: Growing the Industry

The universe of people working in employee experience, or people working in diversity and inclusion, or people thinking about the future of work -- it is all very loosely defined. This field is constantly growing and evolving and developing as we speak -- it’s totally different today than it was four years ago and it will be totally different four years from now.

As such, part of our job at Holistic is creating external, public-facing communications, designed not to promote a particular client or a particular product but to promote, grow and augment the entire industry. The industry is at its infancy; we need to help build the sandbox in which we hope to play.

Part of our challenge is to help define the industry, shape it, and grow it, so that it’s better understood, has a larger reach, and is more accepted in the mainstream. We are doing whatever we can to promote those people who are working actively to build a level playing field in whatever fashion, to highlight programs, policies, and ideas that are working, and to celebrate the age of inclusion as it involves. As a result, we are producing a lot of communications and content in support of this objective.

The goal of all this is simple: to help everybody have a better understanding of just what is out there and what is going on. When we say that there is no IP and inclusion, we mean it. We mean that there is a moral obligation for all of us to work in this industry to do whatever we can to celebrate and promote the industry so that we grow the pie and we expand the playing field and we crave more opportunity for everyone.

We are doing this in a few specific ways.

Celebrating people

First and foremost, there are some amazing people out there working in the space in one fashion or another. We are focused on celebrating them, understanding what it is that they’re doing, what they’ve created, how they’re making an impact, and how all of us can be involved.

Finding great ideas

Every single day, we come across ideas that are truly inspirational in the space. Programs people are thinking about, ways of attacking a challenge, and additional information on how we can all create a more inclusive world. We are sourcing these ideas, promoting them, analyzing them, and making them accessible for everybody. Educating ourselves and the community. We are constantly looking for research, studies, findings, and additional information, that we can share to help people get a better understanding of what is going on, but that we can also employ within our own system to make our findings that more significant, robust, actionable, and accessible.

Making it fun

Meeting new people is fun, creating a better life for people is fun. Celebrating diversity and acting in an inclusive manner is fun. Something to often lost in the conversation around D&I and the employee experience is just how enjoyable it can be to make progress in the space. At Holistic, we are very focused on creating an environment that is enjoyable and impactful and in line with how people want to live their lives.

If you’re interested in participating in these efforts, we would love to have you. We are actively highlighting people's activities, efforts, ideas, and information on a daily basis. Please reach out to us at elda@holisticindex.com, and we will begin to work with you on this front.