Holistic Value Proposition

What we can do for your company

  • People Analytics -- How are you using the data you already have?

    • Demographics

    • Cost of Benefits/Perks

    • Performance Data

    • Compensation

    • Turnover/Employee Retention

    • Custom Reporting & Analytics

  • Measure Employee Engagement (and develop roadmap for improvement)

  • Measure Diversity & Inclusion (and develop strategies to increase D&I across your organization)

  • Benchmarking -- How does your company stack up?

  • Employment Branding -- Start telling your own story to current and future employees. Use data and facts to help employees understand what it’s like at your company.

  • Leadership -- We support leaderships teams of all types and sizes in promoting diversity, improving interactions between leadership and employees, receiving training, and preparing future leaders.

  • Alumni relations -- Get the most out of your company’s former employees, and create an environment where turnover is as painless and efficient as possible. 


  • People Analytics

  • Engagement Surveys

  • Holistic Entrance Analysis

  • Holistic Exit Analysis

  • Custom HR, D&I, and L&D Solutions

  • Compensation Analysis & Benchmarking

  • Benefits/perks Analysis & Benchmarking

  • Employment Branding Audit & Consulting

  • Alumni relations Planning & Development

  • Leadership Training & Support

the holistic entrance analysis & the holistic exit analysis

Learn more & sign up for the Holistic Entrance Analysis and the Holistic Exit Analysis!

Holistic Service Offerings (How do we help?)

  • Initial Holistic Inclusion Index Measurement (one time)

    • Gather/Analyze Company DNA

    • Gather / Analyze Demographic Data

    • Gather / Analyze Payroll Data

    • Gather / Analyze Employee Performance Data

    • Surveys -- Employee, Leadership, Alumni

    • Deliverables:

      • Calculate Holistic Inclusion Index Score

      • Employee Engagement Report

      • Roadmap for a healthier company

  • On-going Holistic Plan

    • Ongoing HII Measurement (above)

    • Access to Holistic Partner Network & Solutions

    • Targeted HR, D&I, and L&D Consulting

    • Benchmarking Analysis