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Full Holistic Analysis

The full Holistic Analysis, which takes about two months, includes all of the core elements of the Holistic process, and generates a Holistic Index Score for your company.

The elements included are:

  • Employee Engagement Analysis (includes: Holistic Employee Engagement Survey, Leadership Survey, Alumni Survey, and Entrance/Exit Analysis
  • Company DNA Mapping
  • Benefits Analysis
  • Comp/Pay Equity Analysis
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Analysis

The full report will contain recommendations for areas of improvement.

The Full Holistic Analysis also includes two reporting efforts by our team, so we can deliver results to your leadership and your employees, if you desire.

We’ll also provide two pieces of content and assist with overall Employment Branding.

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Company DNA Mapping

  • One of Holistic’s human resources experts will work with your leadership team to map your company DNA and turn qualitative information and policies into data that can be analyzed and acted upon.

  • The company DNA mapping process is an interview by one of our leaders to one or more of your team members, followed by some work by our data analysts to convert the information into an empirical format.

Employee Engagement Analysis

Holistic will run a comprehensive employee survey and analysis for your company.  Our services include:

  • Holistic Employee Engagement Survey
  • Entrance and Exit Analysis
  • Leadership Survey
  • Alumni Survey

Our team will work with you to select from nearly 200 questions to determine the exact things we want to measure from your organization.

We’ll preserve anonymity in the process and deliver timely, useful results, along with analysis.

Includes presentation of the results, so we can help you share them with your leadership and team.

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Benefits Analysis

Many Holistic clients are looking for is a better understanding of how they approach employee benefits, including: ensuring that the benefits spending is appropriate; looking for areas of cost-savings; evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of the benefits you offer; and most importantly, understanding how your benefits portfolio supports or affects your employees.

  • Benchmarking
  • Ongoing measurement
  • Strategy for improving benefits profile

Compensation and Pay Equity Analysis

Compensation is really the key factor in the employer-employee experience, and it is a big area of focus for every company, every size, every industry, everywhere.

Similar to the benefits analysis, Holistic’s proprietary Compensation Analysis provides actionable benchmarking data

  • Against others - How does your compensation stack up against competitors? How do you answer questions from employees about the competitiveness of your compensation structure? How do you set salary ranges, bonus percentages, and other metrics that help guide your decision-making?
  • Against yourself - Are you paying your employees fairly within the organization? Does your organization have pay equity, especially across race and gender?
  • Against the future - How are you planning your compensation structure for the challenges your business will face? How are you thinking about compensation to put your best foot forward in the talent acquisition process?
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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Analysis

We use a two-part, data-fueled approach that allows us to fully understand the current landscape at a company, make immediate and long-term changes, and show tangible, lasting improvement that benefits the company for years.

Phase I

  • Initial statistical analysis.
  • Consulting / Best Practice Implementation
  • Policies / Values Review
  • Physical space audit
  • DEI timeline and goals
Phase II
  • Training
  • Statistical Infrastructure Implementation
  • Executive DEI Focused Counseling
  • Communications Resources
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Holistic HR Consulting

Many of Holistic’s offerings are supported by a combination of strategic and tactical consulting efforts, that allow us to support your team’s efforts in an efficient, data-driven fashion. Our focus is to extend the value of your team and deploy our resources in a tactical manner that produces data and other outputs which will drive success for your organization.

Our consulting efforts are often a blended rate based on three types of work. All of these are fully staffed and we stand ready to deploy resources into your company today.

Leadership and Strategic consulting Our C-level business leaders and HR experts will work with your organizational leadership to set the strategic vision, solve critical challenges, and develop processes that will guide your organization in the future.

Services include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion consulting
  • Strategic HR Services and Process Design
  • Leadership training program development — Many of our clients benefit from the creation and implementation of leadership development programs, often designed to foster diversity and inclusion on a leadership team and help employees move through the organization.
  • Compensation analysis
  • Executive Coaching

HR Policy consulting

Policy analysis, review, and creation — We’ll help your team craft critical policies in key areas, such as work-from-home, domestic violence prevention, sexual harassment in the workplace, and leadership development.

Services include:

HR Consulting and Operational Support

We have a team of high-level, experienced HR professionals who will help implement key HR and technology efforts to help your company understand its workforce and lay the foundation for future analysis.

360 Reviews — We will build, implement and analyze 360 reviews for your leadership team or your entire organization.

  • Includes 360 Review development, implementation, and reporting (team and individual reporting).
  • You will receive aggregate scores for your organization across six key metrics. These scores will highlight strengths and focus areas for your organization and specific leaders. Each reviewee will receive individual scores for the same metrics, useful for comparison, benchmarking, and goal-setting.

Employee Handbooks — Using our proprietary Dynamic Employee Handbook technology, our team can create an active, operational, accurate and updateable employee handbook for your organization. We will help build a functioning work from home policy for your organization, as well as institute the measurement mechanisms to allow you to understand the policy’s effect on individual productivity and your organization’s success.

Employee Goal Creation and Tracking Structure — Our leaders will work with your team to develop a goal creation and tracking structure that you can maintain over time and analyze consistently to ensure employees are empowered to meet and exceed their goals and objectives.

Work-From-Home Policy Implementation — We will help build a functioning work from home policy for your organization, as well as institute the measurement mechanisms to allow you to understand the policy’s effect on individual productivity and your organization’s success

Data Creation and Analysis Efforts Our team of well-trained data analysts will take your essential information and turn it into useful, actionable data, that will be able to be analyzed and acted upon and will also plug directly into the Holistic engine.

Exit Interview Data Mapping — Exit Interviews are notoriously hard to act upon. At Holistic, we have developed a technology to take the data and notes from these meetings and turn them into data sets that help build alumni relations programs and address and fix challenges in the workplace.

Employee Review Mapping — Many organizations have conducted countless employee reviews, and the results are sitting in PDFs or other documents (sometimes they are even hand-written!). We’ll turn this into a data set that your organization can use immediately.

Legacy Data Analysis — We will look at results you have from any previous employee survey efforts, through any system, and translate them into useful, actionable information that will help drive your policy development and future efforts.

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