The Creative Communication Approach to Building Strong Connections with Tephra Miriam

Tephra Miriam is the Founder and CEO of Tephra Miriam Communications. Tephra Miriam Communications & Publishing provides thought leadership and advocacy by creating strong communications plans & programs, organizational development programs, and leadership training programs within organizations. The creative approach to these initiatives cultivate transformation and connect companies with their clients and staff.

Recently, we sat down with Tephra to chat about her background, and inspiration behind Tephra Miriam Communications.

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Tell us about your background.

My journey is not a typical one but is truly authentic. I started out pursuing a career in music and followed that dream for a few years. During that time I worked in production, marketing, PR and sales. I went back to school and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Communications and a Masters of Arts degree in Applied Professional Studies with a concentration in Authorship and Entrepreneurial studies from DePaul University. I've had the chance to work with people in a variety of industries that include IT Consulting, Retail, Finance, and non-profits.

What inspired you to found TMC?

I came from a really creative background and I have always found solace in the arts. I am very passionate about storytelling and the way that stories have the power to usher us into new ways of thinking. When I started college and made my way into the corporate communications and design space, I found that many organizations that I worked with didn't have a focused vision or mission. This made it incredibly difficult to tell authentic stories and build creative collateral. This is how I started integrating organizational development into what I do. I infuse creative and holistic concepts into anything and everything that I do from architecting internal communications strategies to creating insightful web content, training materials, innovation programs and much more.

How does TMC use technology on its day to day?

Technology is a big part of TMC. We do a lot of social media management training and use a whole host of technologies to keep TMC running. I use the Adobe Creative Suite to do most of my design work.

What makes TMC stand out from other companies that offer these services?

There are many companies out there that do pieces of what I do but overall there is a need to change the way organizations utilize communications and train their employees. Many times communications and organizational development initiatives are bulky....flashy; lacking depth and detached from the organization's mission and core values. I think what makes TMC a little bit different is that we understand how the business side works, which helps us to reduce the 'white noise' and create impactful resources that organizations can utilize. Here at TMC, we view communication as far more than just the written word, which is why our services offered are so diverse. It's about helping organizations define their vision, mission and core values, then finding creative and engaging ways to communicate that message through the written word, imagery, coaching, media and much more.

How does TMC collaborate and give back to the community?

The mission of TMC is not only to provide stellar services but to also give back. That's why our mantra is service, education and thought leadership. We view the business world as an ecosystem that we must nurture and cultivate. It's not good enough that we are in business. What completes the TMC mission is to give back into our ecosystem and raise up other leaders. I work with a few non-profit organizations and with primarily women-owned businesses.

TMC also houses the United We Stand Movement. The mission of UWS is to stop the violence, build communities, empower leaders through advocacy, social awareness, education, and program development.

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