Giving a Voice to HR Professionals Everywhere


We started Holistic because we consistently saw a gap between what companies expect out of their HR/Talent Department and what they were willing to invest in the function.  The challenges that HR and Talent Professionals face are growing due to the influx of technology, the shortage of talent, the ease with which people can change jobs, and the overall lack of resources.

We believe that we have a tremendous opportunity at Holistic to be a voice for HR Professionals.  We strive to gather data across the industry and help people use that data to make informed decisions.

At Holistic we measure a lot of things when it comes to people and HR. What are the challenges? What are the opportunities? What are the additional responsibilities that are being foisted upon these folks? Most importantly, how can we help? The point of Holistic is not to replace HR professionals. The point of Holistic is to save them time, money, energy, and to arm them with data to do their jobs better. With that being said, we're gathering data which will provide an in-depth analysis of the challenges HR professionals are facing. We think this will be valuable for three reasons.

First, we will gain a better understanding of what is being asked of HR professionals. Where are the pain points? What are the things that many people are experiencing that we need to work together to solve? Where are the opportunities that some folks have figured out and other people haven't really grasped?

Second, we believe this will be a playbook for the specific challenges that we aim to address across the industry. Holistic is really about identifying specific areas of challenge and building solutions that are accessible across a wide variety of industries and environments. This analysis will be a playbook for that.

Third and finally, we'll be building a community. Too often, important decisions are made based on soliciting input from a limited network of peers and/or vendors.  We believe that we'll be able to work together to build community and to build a network of all of those out there who are responsible for the people in their companies.  Sharing ideas, data, and best practices across this community will make everyone more successful.

We hope that you will take this survey.  We’d love if you would share it with your network. We'll share the results and use the findings as inputs for our ongoing analysis and efforts. We believe that the combination of these types of things is going to be immensely valuable for the community, and we are very grateful in advance for your support.

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