Your Emotions Are Your Employees

Isaiah Mākar is the Founder & Chief Engagement Officer. Impact Mākars focuses on poetically humanizing workplace communication. We provide Mākarshops which focuses on teaching employees transferable communication skills by practicing creative self-care through spoken word poetry to create an engaging corporate culture. 

I spoke about this concept to nearly 200 HR professionals at the 2018 CUPA-HR Conference. When it comes to the workplace, I try view it from an internal perspective, the employees inside of us. Being the manager of the working environment in the heart and mind should come before the external employees. 

As the founder of Impact Mākars, I decided to take a humanizing approach to professional development by using poetry as an instrument to extract the authentic and creative side of workers that tends to clock out the moment they clock in. Unfortunately, this has become the standard culture for many working environments. We are taught to be "formal" more than being pushed to be ourselves. This philosophy has promoted a plethora of culture problems. 

These problems range from work anxiety, identity shame, public speaking fears, and lack of team chemistry. To avoid ranting about more issues (there are plenty I didn't list), when an organization faces these challenges it becomes difficult for teams to activate their skill potential. Sales, numbers, and any quotas and goals are great, but those are far-fetched when the nucleus of a team is non-existent.

As aforementioned, Impact Mākars uses poetry to humanize workplace communication through spoken word poetry so it's fitting that I close out with a poem performed by an HR professional who participated in one of our Mākarshops, which is the service Impact Mākars provides that teaches employees transferable communication skills through creative self care, poetically. Enjoy.

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