LisaApp gives people the personal services they want where, when, and how they want them, at the price that suits them.

Holistic was able to interview Robert Richmond to discover what inspired LisaApp and the beauty behind the company.


Where does the inspiration from LisaApp come from?

My wife is Lisa, has been a cosmetologist for the past twenty-five years. The beauty industry is a big industry! However, there is small profit for the artists in the industry. LisaApp was designed as an artist first company to allow them to live the lives that they deserve.

How does the LisaApp work and utilize technology to provide beauty services? 

LisaApp is a mobile app and utilizes technology to easily book and pay for beauty services. It saves time making it a win-win for the employee, employer, and artist!

In the world of beauty, every artist wants to showcase their talent and every person desires to look and feel beautiful. How does LisaApp take on the role of helping both the artist and the client?

LisaApp captures a large audience, from women to men, and even children! Some companies only provide services for a specific audience. Having a large audience, allows LisaApp to provide artists who may not have a big clientele to individuals who have never or rarely treat themselves to these services.

Aside from the LisaApp, what is an app that you enjoy that many people may not know of?

I love Airbnb, Postmates, and Tunity. Tunity is my favorite! It allows you to stream audio from any television by holding your phone's camera at the television. It's great if you're at a bar, restaurant, or gym!

Chicago: what do you like most about the city?

Outside of my children, my favorite thing about Chicago is the energy. I love the sports in this town, being close to my high school and college friends is nice. Chicago is easy to navigate while having so much history and great architecture.




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