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Holberg Financial, a financial health and wellness benefit to help employees reduce financial stress.  They are based out of 1871. HF works with top companies like EnergyBBDO, Noble Charter Schools, and Dark Matter Coffee.

Holistic had the opportunity to interview, Holberg Financial's Founder & CEO, Joseph Holberg to learn more about the company and its history.


What led you to found Holberg Financial? 

Growing up I was not part of a financially secure household. I remember my own parents couldn't lend me $40 for a college application so I borrowed them from a neighbor. I soon learned that college is expensive and I found myself in the working world. I also discovered that I wasn't the only one that had personal finance questions. While working at Google, I had colleagues that had attended Harvard and Stanford with Ph.D.'s by the age of 23, but even they were asking for better ways to save and were clueless about what a 401k was. I left Google to start Holberg Financial and that's how it all began.

How does Holberg Financial use technology to tackle the issues surrounding personal finances?

When employees onboard our system, it is fast and easy. They simply answer questions about their current personal finances and share their top goals and financial concerns. We take both sides of the equation and help them set and prioritize financial goals with our software. HF matches and pairs educational content and materials to supplement the journey towards their goals. People learn better when they know what they're doing so we reinforce why they take action towards their goals.

How has Holberg Financial made an impact in people's lives and finances?

Holberg Financial has reduced employee financial stress by 64% on average, saving companies $3,200 per employee per year and is used by thousands of employees across the US. In under twelve months, individuals have increased over 4k dollars in net worth. Holberg Financial is making drastic and quick impacts!

Holberg Financial is based out of 1871 in Chicago, a quick and convenient commute for you. Who is a Chicagoan that you admire and why?

My fiance. She is an assistant principal at a charter school in the city's west side. She works with low income, minority students, and she works harder than I do! She truly cares about every student she comes in contact with.


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