Holistic Entrance Analysis

capturing the ambitions, sentiments, and goals of a new employee.

At Holistic, we believe that the moment of entrance into an organization is an absolutely critical moment for the well-being and long-term success of an employee. The Holistic Entrance Analysis goes hand in hand with our Exit Analysis technology, to create a bookend that will produce a tremendous amount of analyzable information and value for companies at two critical junctures, the point of entrance into the organization, and the point of exit.


The Holistic Entrance Analysis will measure valuable key points at an employee’s point of entrance into the organization. Our technology will gather information regarding the reason the employee left their last job, and what excites them about their new endeavor as well as what is expected from this new position. This collection of data is valuable for the following reasons: A) companies will have the opportunity to solve issues and anxieties. B) companies will be able to hold themselves accountable for making sure the initial employee experience is thoughtful and top-notch; and C) companies will be able to measure their improvement and impact on employee care and experience.


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