Chris Wade

co-founder, traena


ABOUT traena

Traena is a learning and development SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that delivers professional development at scale. Traena does this in two ways: 1) facilitates easy knowledge sharing in a digital format within companies, and 2) is building a marketplace of professional skills training 'channels' from professional training partners, all delivered right to your phone. 

Holistic was able to sit down with Traena’s Co-Founder, Chris Wade to discuss how Traena uses technology to offer its services.


What served as motivation/inspiration for the creation of Traena?

We [the founders of Traena] saw the need to offer better mentorship, development, growth opportunities to junior employees and mid-size companies. The big idea for Traena came together to start a non-lecture platform. We do two things: facilitate knowledge sharing within companies and create a marketplace for external skills training.

How does Traena incorporate technology into the facilitation of knowledge sharing and the marketplace for external skills training?

We're an engineering first organization. The team is effectively an engineering team. We are first and foremost building the software platform so that anyone, any manager in a company, can easily create a digital training program in an afternoon, and then likewise for training partners. Our platform is built on React Native, mobile first, driven-focused on mobile technology so people can create these courses and access them from wherever they are, wherever they want. We also work with a lot of digital content production equipment to create high-quality videos, podcasts, and video trials. Also, we help our partners, both in companies and our training partners, learn how to just use the camera on their iPhone along with digital editing tools.

How is the impact and effectiveness of Traena measured?

That is why we are excited to partner with Holistic. We will use data to measure both of these elements within the company. With data, we will be able to capture and quantify our effectiveness.

On a personal level: what is your favorite app? Why?

Dark Sky — it's a very detailed map of the constellations and stars. You open the app on your device and see where all of the stars and planets are.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

My favorite thing about Chicago is definitely the lake. I live right by one of the beaches. During the summer, there is nothing better than getting out enjoying a day of volleyball, going out to go out sailing, etc. That, and a close number two is how well the city is set up for bike riding.


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