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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


New technology company aims to improve entire employee experience; Will utilize data and deliver customized solutions for employers looking to support employees and improve companies; Holistic Index Score to provide real-time, public indications of the employee experience that companies are providing

Holistic, a new technology company designed to improve the entire employee experience for companies, was launched this week in Chicago.

“Talent is everything for companies these days,” said Tom Alexander, founding partner of Holistic. “There is a lot of data available to help employees and companies succeed, but it is not being used. Our goal is to help companies use their data to identify and address challenges and opportunities and grow their businesses quickly and efficiently. Companies with a diverse, inclusive, happy team are the most successful companies, always.”

Holistic runs an extensive process with every client it works with. The process begins with data collection — payroll, performance, demographic, and company DNA data are married with extensive survey data. This massive database is then analyzed and the company receives a landscape of its challenges and opportunities, along with a proposed suite of technology solutions, consulting services, policies, best practices, and other recommendations to attack those challenges directly. This suite of solutions is tailored and implemented by Holistic and the company together. Holistic already has over 20 partners whose technologies, resources, consulting services, best practices and policies make up the basis of the solutions provided.

The company also receives a score on the Holistic Inclusion Index — effectively a credit score for employee engagement. This score is critical in assessing where the company is in its process, how it stacks up to competitors, and what it needs to do to improve.

"Clarity Partners believes in endless possibilities for our company, but most importantly for our employees and Holistic aligns with our mission,” said Colleen Egan, Director of People, Culture & Endless Possibilities for Clarity Partners, one of Holistic’s initial partner companies. “We've worked really had at being a progressive employee-centric company and we think we’ve done a great job, but Holistic gives us the data validation we need to continue, eliminate or expand programs, where to start a new focus, and how to navigate our future growth and success."

Once the solutions are implemented, Holistic continues to measure, tailor and implement, in constant support of its clients as their business grows and evolves alongside the broader economy.

“We are really excited about the prospects for Holistic,” said Abby Ross, co-founder of ThinkCERCA. “The more that we can use data to improve our employee experience, the more productive and successful ThinkCERCA will be.”

To learn more about Holistic or to begin the process of getting your company’s Holistic Index score, visit To read more about the nature of the Holistic process, please read this blog post:

About Holistic

Holistic is a technology company devoted to improving the employee experience by the use of data. Holistic works with growth stage companies to mine data and understand challenges and opportunities being faced by the company, and then delivers extensive solutions directly into the company. To learn more about the Holistic process, visit

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