Margaret Mueller on the mayoral race and the future of The Executives’ Club of Chicago.

We're going to have a new mayor. What do you expect from her, and more importantly, what can she expect from The Executives' Club?

I expect her to be Chief Marketing Officer for the City of Chicago.  Promoting and supporting the city and its people everywhere she goes.  Generating confidence and enthusiasm in Chicago as one of the most innovative and important growth centers for the future.  What she can expect from The Executives’ Club in return is that we will be supporting, developing, promoting and helping to grow the entire Chicago business community, being at the center of making Chicago the best city in the world to live and work.  We will be providing the mentoring, networking, thought leadership and development activities that Chicago business leaders need to continue to thrive and grow their people and their organizations in Chicago.  And we will still knock it out of the park with amazing speakers and programming that you can’t get anywhere else.

 What's one thing you are particularly excited about as you look to the future of the Executives' Club?

Many organizations spend years if not decades trying to grow the brand equity, membership and credibility that I am inheriting.  To have that already in place, along with a hugely supportive board and energized team that is ready to take The Club to the next level, is an amazing gift.  What can possibly be more exciting than seeing a world of opportunity and having the resources and talent to make it happen.