Maja Jovicic


meet maja

Maja Jovicic has joined the Holistic family as part of World Chicago’s 2018 professional exchange program. Maja is an Account Manager at Way Seven Technologies in Banja Luka. During her time in Chicago, Maja has and will continue to work on several projects including conducting interviews and hosting an upcoming podcast episode.

Follow Maja on her journey with Holistic, World Chicago, and the city itself.

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Facing the World in Chicago

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Jet-lag is for Noobs


One Weekend Guide to Chicago

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Exchange in Chicago Fellows

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Nightlife for Professionals


Planning in Action with Terra Winston


The Role of the Balkans in U.S. Politics

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Interview with Erica Pearson


Interview with Terra Winston


Unleash the Italians


The Art of Being Professional in Chicago


Success is a Gamble


Halloween- The Perfect Day for Business Magic