#ThreeTips: Fostering Racial Equity

We have launched a new series for our blog titled #ThreeTips. We are in search of Three Tips from our friends in the business community for their creative, actionable, and positive ideas about important topics in the employee experience.


In collaboration with Tamiya Aurel, Bianca Cotton, and Cameron Barnes of United Way of Metro Chicago.

When trying to foster racial equity in the work place, it can be hard to find a place to start. There is so much to cover and learn from on this matter. Our friends at UWMC share their tips on how to foster racial equity as an organization.

  1. Take your time to make sure that you are being thoughtful abut the steps and the actions that you’re planning. Do all of the research necessary and trying new things, maybe behind the scenes, before rolling things out to make sure that you don’t lose credibility as an organization. Everybody wants to talk about equity but if we're not thoughtful about the manner in which we step out into that body of work and into the world with it, we run the risk of looking inept or somehow disingenuous by not really being thoughtful about how we do that.

  2. Make sure your leaders are on board. It is critical to the success of getting the ears of the whole organization and the participation because when you see your leader taking a stand on something, you're more likely to follow. It's really important to see our leaders at the top say, "This is what's important to me. This is what's important to us moving forward. This is why I'm in it."

  3. Regardless of your place in an organization, whether you're the CEO or the janitor, do absolutely everything you can to understand the topic. But more importantly, find out what it means to you and what your role is in bettering racial equity not only in an organization, but your place in the world. If the conversation is then rooted in personal responsibility and what everyone can do as an individual, everything else, all the systems, all the organizational strategy, it all comes much easier.

Increasing racial and ethnic group representation is a potential remedy to racial inequality. Studies to date yield little evidence of such an effect; however, research limitations may account for the mixed and limited evidence of the significance of justice workforce racial diversity.

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Elda Baez